Canon AE-1

james-redd: I really enjoy Your photos! Keep it up! What is it about analog that makes You shoot with it over digital?

Honestly, right now I simply can’t afford the digital camera I have in mind.  But I think what I really love about analog is the mystery of it- not knowing how my photos will turn out is so exciting for me.  However, it comes with the drawback where sometimes my rolls don’t turn out the way I hoped, and then there is no chance for me to take another photo, like there would be in digital.  I don’t know if I will ever come to love digital like I love analog.  For right now, I’m just going to keep taking my AE1 with me on all my adventures~

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Thank you to everyone for all the love! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting recently, my last roll was loaded improperly and all of my photos were destroyed, so I have been rather distraught  and discouraged since then.  More to come soon!

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Trestle Bridge
Downingtown, Pa
Nuggets Records
Boston, MA
Hey kids this is me with the princess locks~
Peace of Mind
dominic-photos: hiya! i just found this blog, great stuff. the feeling is there, and your motive is clear. to be put bluntly, i fucks wit it. keep doin ya thang

Haha thanks dude! You have some pretty rad photos if I do say so myself

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Yosemite National Park
Half Dome